Knuckles Mountain

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The Knuckles mountain or “Dumbara” range in Sinhala, is situated between the districts of Kandy & Matale in the central hills. As the names suggests the range has a distinct resemblance to a clenched fist. Unique in its location and running at right angles to the range that runs from Laggala & Urugala, is one of the bio-diversity hot spots, a water catchment and a wildlife reserve.

A cycle ride through the Dumbara valley with Hulu, Heen & Kalu Rivers which springs to life from this range, as the back drop. Visit the oldest recorded medieval village of Sri Lanka first mentioned by “Robert Knox”, Meemure. Cycling through area you will be afforded with many waterfalls and creeks in which you could dip and refresh yourself while the guide arranges a picnic lunch for you or continue on to your destination hotel for a splendid meal under the burning blue or cold misty skies depending on the mood of the weather gods.