Unawatuna Beach & Roomassala Jungle Beach

Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna is located 140 km south of Colombo along the Southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka, 5km south of the seaport of Galle.

Unawatuna beach is a picturesque semi circular bay beach that stretches no more than one kilometer. As the numerous other fine beaches in the south western and southern coast line of Sri Lanka, Unawatuna too is fringed by lush groves of coconut palm trees. However it has a rare geographical occurrence: on either end of the bay you can see headlands.

And on the headland to the northwest makes an exceptionally scenic and rare spectacle; a gleaming white great globe of a dagoba.

Turtles in Unawatuna

At Unawatuna , with a bit of luck the tourists may witness turtles laying eggs along the shore. Diving also affords the opportunity to enjoy the sight of these magnificent sea turtles swimming around in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

The Twin Reefs at Unawatuna

Protected by a double reef over the bay creates a natural pool that makes the bay safe for swimmers.
From the midway of the stretch the swimmers are able to reach the Rock island. The Galapiteala Reef and Napoleon Reef, offering multi level dives brings in opportunities to enjoy exceptional marine life: Napoleon Wrasse, Bat Fish, Golden Moray Eels and numerous other colourful species of fish can be found here.

Diving, Snorkelling and Surfing at Unawatuna

Besides swimming, the Unawatuna beach is also famous for snorkelling and surfing. The wrecks of sunken ships make the Unawatuna beach popular among scuba divers too. A boat ride of 20 to 30 minutes takes the diving enthusiasts to locations of wreck dives.

The wreck of “Rangoon”- the British steamer sunken 100 years ago, can be found lying upright with its masts intact. This is a popular diving site in Unawatuna . Within the same area is the “Tango” which also attracts many divers. The other location, a wreck of a cargo ship called “Lord Nelson” is about ten years old. Diving schools at Unawatuna are available offering services to diving enthusiasts: they assist, equip and guide tourists to engage in diving activities
in Unawatuna .


Roomassala Jungle Beach

The Jungle Beach is located between Galle and Unawatuna. You reach the small beach of the “local end” of Unawatuna Beach or even from Galle.

However, you can also go on foot, now is the way, part of a trail, already marked. The walk to the Jungle Beach is beautiful, you should have seen once. Or you can take one of the boats in the bay, this is also a possibility, we do not know what it costs but. Of bile from the trail is easy to describe. About 500 Meters after the traffic lights, turn left in to the expressway to Colombo, turn right. Always follow the road until you reach the Peace Pagoda in front of the nose has. a narrow trail to the Jungle Beach.

The final piece will be quite steep downhill, then you get to the beach. From the turn in Galle to Jungle Beach is approximately. 3 Kilometers. Whether by tuk tuk or with your own scooter, The last few meters up the steep path must be covered on foot and it is worth, the beach is really nice. But the secret is Jungle Beach has long been no more. If you need a deck and want to choose a place you have probably at least 9 Clock in the morning to be on site.

The beds, these are very simple wooden chairs without cushions, to lie in the sand is convenient to all cases, but any how he wants. We were there in March and it was really crowded and Russian holidaymakers were clearly in the majority, now in August it is more pleasant because of the influx of visitors is limited and is also found in the early afternoon a shady spot. At the booth, there are no showers, the toilet has now been bricked, also here the modernization has arrived, we are curious, when the first shower is available. Even the somewhat malodorous Dümpel was littered, was cleaned. The beach restaurant you can eat excellent, There are fish and seafood, but you also get a club sandwich with fries or spaghetti. The prices are alright, that price performance ratio and the staff is very friendly, at lunch time it can happen that you have to wait a little longer for his food, but that’s not really a problem, it is, after all, on holiday. Snorkeling here you can also quite wonderful, you can see many colorful fish. Snorkelling equipment can be hired at the restaurant, can not cost much. Also the beach is suitable for children, there are no currents and no high waves. With a stroller but it does not come down to the beach. Then arrive in the late afternoon some locals to the beach and most looking forward, if you chat a bit with them and even more fun is when you speak to them in few words Sinhale. All in all still nice and clean, The Jungle Beach between Galle and Unawatuna.