Cultural Triangle

A history that is strewn with ancient legend, age old statues of undefined age dot the north central plains of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is synonymous with Buddhism and the north central plains are dotted with many Buddhist temples, sculptures, stupas and many ancient monasteries, some are over two thousand years old. An ancient civilization thrived, first in the ancient capital of Anuradhapura for over a thousand years then due to invasions from South India capital was moved to Polonnaruwa, under the guidance and influence of Buddhism. Many monolithic rock formations that dot the north central plains have been transformed into places of worship by the expert ancient sculptors, inspired by Buddhist way of life.

Gone are the days of glory, today most of these monoliths stand silent and deserted emitting the glory of times of yore, today life around them moves at a slow pace through the heat of the day and the air is still except for sound of insects and occasional sound of a bird or a monkey. Ideal time to visit these monuments are in the morning or evening when the sun dawns upon them to lighting up these ancient wonders, a word of caution while photographing Buddhist temples and status, are never to pose with them or turn your back to them.


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